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actinate is what you make of it. It's your community, your sports life and your passion. On actinate you can find sports partners and new friends with the same interests, near you and meet up with them to do sports. actinate is for you, it makes it easy for you to fit sports into your life and daily schedule. In just a few steps you can create an activity and invite your friends to join you. actinate is more than just a platform for sports, it's the combination of people, their passion, sports and modern technology.

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67346 Speyer

May 20 13:00

FULL CONTROL Bodyweight Workout

69124 Heidelberg

Jan 26 18:00

FULL CONTROL Bodyweight Workout

69124 Heidelberg

Feb 4 10:00

Fitness & Skill Training mit Risk Factor Heidelberg

68309 Mannheim

Jan 26 18:00

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